Why I Chose Grimm To Disney

When I first clicked through that survey of First Year Seminars I was interested in, From Grimm To Disney caught my eye instantly. I’ve always been told that the Grimm tales were dark and gritty. I’m not totally into the whole gritty fad that’s been circulating media nowadays, but I am a rather avid fan of horror. Thus, when I saw that this FYS was available, I jumped on the opportunity. Also, who doesn’t like Disney movies, right?

My favorite fairy tale has to be Hansel and Gretel. That fairy tale means a lot to me. Whenever I was back in high school, I needed to fulfill my SSL hours (student service learning hours). To do so, I decided to work at my local library, mainly because I wanted to find good books to read in my spare time. While I was working there, I would often pull random books to check out.

One day, I pulled out an interesting looking fairy tale. The name of the book was, I believe, “A Tale Dark and Grimm”. I, of course, checked it out, having heard quite a lot about the ‘horror’ tales of the Brothers Grimm.

I read it, and it was incredible. It went into everything I knew about the classic tale and more. I learned later that it was only an adaption of the original with considerable contamination from other fairy tales, but I absolutely fell in love with the story and I’ve always wanted to re-read it. Unfortunately, my ‘internship’ ended and the book was eventually returned and the library eventually closed. I’ve been unable to find the book again, but I wish I could find it. The story was incredible, the description in-depth and all in all introduced me to a whole new type of fairy tale. That’s why it’s my favorite.

Source for image: http://dcplive.dekalblibrary.org/2012/11/26/a-tale-dark-and-grimm/